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We are glad to tell you that we recently launched our new 'Power Lead Generator' viral traffic funnel generator and our members are really enjoying it. Unlimited business opportunities waiting to be monetized by you. This unique online sales system was designed and created by 7 figure online money-makers, for anyone who wants to work from home. Our powerful lead system includes automation tools & 'done for you' content that you can re-brand under your name, 'Live Chat' support, 1-on-1 coaching and much more. Get started right now...

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“3 Major Key Playing Factors That Makes Us
Better Than Our Competitors”

Always Look For An "Online System" That Gives You Complete Access To:

Robust Funnel Generator

Nothing says 'Conversions' like a powerful lead capturing and sales funnel, would you agree? 'Power Lead Generator' will allow you to build complete funnels in less than 10 minutes, by just filling-out a little form. From there, it generates funnels & multiplies leads for you.

Includes Copy/Paste Methods

We understand that many of our clients and students are complete beginners. And for that reason, we carefully thought of an action plan that will allow you to use one of our 100% copy/paste method.

3X To 10X Free Viral Leads

We named our business 'Power Lead Generator' because of it's utility. This priceless plugin will generate tons of free leads for you, by just following a few simple steps through the free training that is provided with it. This plugin has a 'built-in' feature that will allow you to connect up to 3 auto-responders, so you can build leads on 3 autoresponders simultaneously. This ENSURES you get 3X the leads, each time someone opts-in your email list. Plus, we also added another powerful feature: Force 'Share'. This feature will FORCE your subscribers to 'SHARE' your offer on their Facebook Timeline, generating more FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC for you...

Target Leads By Accent & Gender

'Power Lead Generator' is the real deal when it comes to targeting leads. When you will create your funnels, you will have the option to select the speaker you want for your promotional videos. You will be able to select your speaker based on their: Accent and gender. For example: UK English - Female, U.S. English - Female, Australia English - Female... The same goes for males... you get it... This will allow you to get MUCH HIGHER SALES CONVERSIONS because your leads will identify to the speaker talking to them through the videos they are watching within your sales funnels.

Meet The Founder

Michel Sirois has been an internet marketer for a long time. And for those of you who don't know him, he's been turning ordinary people into internet marketing professionals. Michel is one of the patient and dedicated person you'll ever come get to know in this business, you can be sure of that!

4 More Reasons You Should Get Started
Right Now With 'Power Lead Generator'

Complete Video Training

Videos are far more interesting and easier to understand than a simple PDF based training. At 'Power Lead Generator' we get that! We guide you through all the step, until you are fully set-up and ready to produce high returns of income. You can have a fully-generate funnel in less than the next 10 minutes if you sign-up now..

Unlimited Support Via Our
Mastermind Group

Having someone behind your shoulder, guiding you when you need, can only increase your chances of succeeding in building your business. When you have questions, feel stuck or just bored and want to say hello, we're there for you.

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