Refund Policy

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We want you to feel comfortable in doing business with Plugin And Coaching Program.

Due to the nature of the Plugin & Coaching Program business and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a conditional strict 30-day return policy, which begins on the date of purchase.

For the refund to be approved, you must prove to us that you followed through the training you purchased by doing the daily tasks for 14 consecutive days and have sent sufficient traffic to your 'Power Lead Generator' funnels. This is easy for us to verify as we can see the stats of each of our users...

You will also need to ask for coaching through our "Live Chat" before we consider refunds.

We are here to help serious people who want to build a business online, not to satisfy tire-kicker's curiosity...

Extra Measures Taken To Make Your Purchase, a SAFE one...

On ALL our sales pages, we reflect EXACTLY what is in our courses, levels and services.

Measures taken to help you succeed through our coaching program: We put in place a support service to answer all your questions about the training you purchased. If you feel you need help to progress through our program, simply request support and one of our trained staff member will assist you.

Membership Cancellation: You may cancel your subscription(s) at any time. However, we DO NOT issue refunds if you forgot to cancel your subscription(s) on time. To protect ourselves in these events, we make you add a check-mark in the check-box of our "Check-Out" Pages BEFORE you pay, that shows you this very page you are reading right now. This means if you forget to cancel and try to get a refund ("Unauthorized Payment" or "Not As Described" or what-ever other type of refund request there is...), we will refuse to refund you and we will win the claim as we WILL BE ABLE TO PROVE to PayPal or your credit card provider that we took all the NECESSARY MEASURES to avoid the claim to begin with and that YOU FAILED TO COMPLY to the terms of this agreement.

One Time Offers: None of our one-time-offers are refundable simply because our sales pages explain EXACTLY to the "T" what they are about.

Credit Card Fraud, PayPal Fraud & Fraudulent Refund Requests: We do not take fraud lightly. Many people try to get refunds by saying they didn't buy when in fact they bought our products/services. If you were a victim of fraud, you must provide us with a copy of a police report AND a credit card statement showing that your credit card was canceled due to fraud. We will not consider any refunds unless we have at least 1 of these 2 documents.

Refund Request Inquires

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