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Imagine making thousands of dollars WITHOUT recruiting anyone and making passive income month after month like this…


Hallelujah! And all I did was follow the training and software I'm about to hand you... no more than that...

It may be or may not be the case for you but, for me, getting leads was the hardest thing, especially ones that BUY!

Everytime I read a sales letter, I kept coming across marketers that would talk about BUYER traffic...

And it stuck by me...

I had to find networks, where I knew for sure that I could get FREE qualified BUYER leads...

But most importantly, I had to get leads that have VALID credit cards and Paypal accounts, not some tire-kickers...

So I put on my thinking cap and after many gallons of coffee and a few sleepless nights, I finally cracked that code...

Or so I thought...

It's not just the code I broke, it's the whole internet!



There I was on my laptop just watching sales come in every time I put the software to action!

And since then I wake up happy! The first thing I do is look at my PayPal and bank account...

The feeling you get when you get mornings like that is indescribable until you live it!

And you're about to put your hands on the same method and software I'm using to make $100+ per day for the last 4 years...

Hey This Is Michel Sirois

In our early online marketing days, we would sit in front of the computer, writing blog articles, creating funnel after funnel, wasting time and energy, when in fact our focus should have just been on copy/pasting, driving traffic and monitoring sales.

But just like any beginner, we've been navigating our way thru the highs & lows of online marketing, we caught the 'shiny object' syndrome too many times to count and injected our hard-earned money, all in the hopes of making some sort of breakthrough.

These days we're good enough to bring in a constant 5 figures (each) per year by doing copy/paste work. How is this possible?

Because The Internet Has Created
A Whole NEW BREED Of Buyers

Credit-Card Verified Buyers To Be Exact...

This Unseen System Is COMPLETELY Different From Anything You've Ever Seen... Until Now!

  • This fresh method brings YOU big paydays
  • 90% is click/copy/paste
  • The results are FAST - MOST beginners started making money within 12-36 hours
  • The traffic is FREE & QUALIFIED to have VALID credit cards and PayPal accounts
  • Scaling-up To LIFE-CHANGING profits is super easy as you can see by now - you can rinse & repeat ON DEMAND

And Sit Tight, This Money-Maker Has 
TWO Income Streams In One!

It Makes 'JOB REPLACING' A Daily Trip To The ATM


And It Creates Hands Free Passive Revenues That Build Over Time





  • NO MORE setting alarms to go to a job that offers you no security, that you really hate and that puts money in someone else's pocket
  • NO MORE missing out on quality time with friends, family and all of life's special moments
  • INSTEAD, you get a reliable 5 figures per month income stream that is FULLY scalable

Everything You Need For CONSTANT Profits
And STEADY Passive Income So You Can
Live The Internet Life You Want


Easy Passive Profits is a 100% never seen money-making system and it makes you RELIABLE PASSIVE INCOME in just a few minutes per day. You won't need any experience at all, tech skills or even a traffic budget because you get FREE BUYER TRAFFIC from our training and software as soon as you get inside.

Inside You Get...

  • You get over-the-shoulder training to monetize just like I do
  • You get FREE BUYER traffic, GUARANTEED to have paid $35 or more for info-products or services. Once you are in our training, we will reveal and prove you that they REALLY paid a MINIMUM of $35 for products or services. For once you get a training and software that brings you REAL buyer leads
  • You get your own rebrandable website, because you need that to make money online nowadays
  • You get your own lead software to help you maximize your profit-pulling potential
  • You get UNLIMITED support via our Facebook group

What Real Easy Passive Profits
Users Are Saying

Easy Passive Profits has got to be the easiest way to get buyer leads and make $100 per day! Inside they show you short, over-the-shoulder videos that makes it easy to follow. Seriously, this is something you can do in just a few minutes per day. Thanks guys!

Brian Somners
Brian Somners

Whether you are a complete beginner or top selling guru, you need Easy Passive Profits.

Easy Passive Profits is easy to set-up, and it gets you passive income just for doing it.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Grab your copy of Easy Passive Profits as soon as you can and start building a REAL business online.

Marty Stevenson
Marty Stevenson

Easy Passive Profits is flat-out AMAZING!

As soon as I started going through the videos, I got real excited.

It blew my mind how newbie friendly it is.

And you don't need online experience to do this it's so easy.

Thank you guys for Easy Passive Profits and providing the 2 softwares that gets me results.

Liza Dunham
Liza Dunham

You Are Just 3 Quick Steps Away From Generating Lifetime Passive Income




  • NO MORE STRUGGLES With Lead Generating
  • NO MORE STRUGGLES With Creating Content
  • NO MORE STRUGGLES By Generating Passive Income

Here Is Your 2-In-1 Game Changer

Let's Break-Down What You Get Today...

Easy Passive Profits


  • EVERYTHING you need to start banking 3+ figures per day is included
  • Completely beginner friendly - no special skills or experience required
  • Real world case study and step-by-step video training walk you thru the money-making process from A-Z
  • Scale your income as MUCH as you want by grabbing this complete fresh method and passive income system

Easy Passive Profits


  • Software 1: Rebrandable Website (1-Click Upload)
  • Software 2: Lead Generating Software (1-Click Upload)
  • Developed SPECIFICALLY to PROFIT from your BUYER leads - we use it every day to convert cold leads into RED-HOT REPETITIVE BUYERS
  • Nothing to learn, just fill-in the blanks

Even MORE Students Making Outrageous
"Easy Passive Profits" Cash With This Method

You can make more than $100+ per day with the Easy Passive Profits system! I think Michel and James are revealing something really unique. 'Easy Passive Profits' will show you how to grab a BUYER market, that have money to buy info products, software and services!

Eric Jamieson
Eric Jamieson

Here's What YOU Get When You Access Easy Passive Profits Right Now

Easy Passive Profits

Free BUYER Traffic Twister

  • Big reveal on how to get QUALIFIED BUYER TRAFFIC that has purchased products and services and that have VERIFIED credit cards and PayPal accounts
  • If you were to buy this type of traffic, you would pay up to $2.25 PER CLICK, but through Easy Passive Profits, you will get access to these BUYERS FOR FREE

Easy Passive Profits

The '2-In-1' Software

  • Automate your business by using our traffic software, multiplying leads and growing your audience on autopilot
  • This traffic software is all you need to 3X your leads and profits, effortlessly
  • BONUS: This software also come with it's own 1-click upload website, that you can rebrand at will, in just a few clicks of the mouse

Easy Passive Profits

Free Traffic Transistor

  • This training will show you how to drive traffic, effortlessly to any offer you want to promote
  • Copy over my shoulder as I do it with you
  • This method is unheard of, until now

Easy Passive Profits

$0 To $356 Per Day

  • Real case study that shows you how I made profits by this method
  • Completely beginner friendly - no special skills or experience required
  • Replicate in just a few minutes per day

Easy Passive Profits

Automated Sales Booster

  • In-Depth look at how you can increase your sales by just LEGALLY copy/pasting other marketers pages to profit
  • This method triples my profits, with half the traffic and this training will show you how to do this yourself
  • You will really wanna see this


Sounds Great…
But How Much?

Easy Passive Profits is a proven solution for anyone to make 3+ figures each day, get free credit card confirmed buyer leads, while building passive income streams on the side.

There's a LOT of value here...  We first thought of charging $997 for the whole package.

Which would be a super deal … less than 300 bucks for a system that can bank you $100+ or more every single day.

We want to help as many people as possible, regardless of financial situation … so ...

We're Offering Easy Passive Profits For A FRACTION Of What It's Actually Worth

When you access Easy Passive Profits now, you won't pay anywhere near $497.

Not even $47...

Not even $10...

Click below and you'll GRAB this entire package under $10 right now:

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Fast Results CheckList

Fast results are important - so we've created a step-by-step checklist that you can follow easily. It gets you results FAST when you simply cross-off items from the checklist.

VALUE: $97


Support FB Group & Live Assistance

Unlike most groups out-there, a support group like ours always helps marketers thrive faster because everyone has questions and need answers to progress fast and get results.

You can ask any question and you will get an expert answer, while building long-term partnerships with other entrepreneurs just like you.

VALUE: $297

Easy Passive Profits just flat-out works - you've seen the proof above and you can realize by now that you can get extremely good results.

But it also has to work for you...

So, if for some reason you don't FIND VALUE in our SPECIAL OFFER, we will refund you every penny, no questions asked!

We're happy to take-on 100% of the risk because we know that Easy Passive Profits WILL get you the results you've been looking for. Just give it a try and you'll see. Just don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind SIMPLE online money-making system.

When You Get Easy Passive Profits Right Now

We’re Giving You Everything

Even The Shirt On Our Backs

Look At Everything You Get Inside Easy Passive Profits…

  • Easy Passive Profits "Quick Cash’ Training - Total Real-World Value = $97
  • Easy Passive Profits Step-By-Step Video Training - Total Real-World Value = $397
  • Easy Passive Profits Automated Software - Total Real-World Value = $797
  • Easy Passive Profits ZERO To $356 Real Life Case Study - Total Real-World Value = $247
  • Bonus #1 - Total Real-World Value = $97
  • Bonus #2 - Total Real-World Value = $297

You’d Pay At Least $1,932 If You Paid What All Of This Is Really Worth…

But You Can Get Easy Passive Profits Today And Get Everything For Just…

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 Michel Sirois

Thanks for checking out this page.

We wish you the same success our students are having by using our system.

We have worked extremely hard to get the training and software done for you and our efforts were totally worth it! You've seen the results already.

We would definitely be REALLY HAPPY to help you surpass your expectations with Easy Passive Profits.

P.S. But you need to ACT NOW or the bonuses will disappear!

P.P.S. With our 100% money back guarantee, you don't need to worry because you have nothing to lose, and all to gain - Just click the button below and let's get started right away!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Easy Passive Profits?

It's a brand-new method and software that gets you FREE BUYER LEADS. And these buyers all bought products or services of a MINIMUM of $35. These BUYER are ALL qualified to have VALID credit cards and PayPal accounts. They are anything but tire-kickers...

  • What’s included with Easy Passive Profits?

The COMPLETE over the shoulder video series which outlines the entire money-making method.

The automated software.

Case study from zero to $356 per day.

PLUS the bonuses (when you act now) which include the Support FB group and Fast Results checklist.

And if at one point you decide to cancel your membership of $19.95/month, you get to keep the 2 softwares, at no extra cost. This is our gift from us to you.

  • Is the Easy Passive Profits money-making system really 100% newbie-friendly?

Absolutely. If you can open a web page and browse the internet, you will understand this system.

No coding, no design or advanced skills needed - 90% is copy/paste.

  • Will This Software Work On My Device?

For sure. We made sure our software works everywhere. We provide you all you need to pull profits from your BUYER leads on the daily!

  • What About Traffic?

Well one thing is for sure: You won't need to BUY ads at all for this to make you money. The beauty of this method is that: For once, the BUYERS COME TO YOU!

  • How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Results will vary based on effort - For some it's instant, for others it's never. It depends if you go through the training and do it.

  • How Do I Get Access?

Easy, click the button below and  you get INSTANT access right away!

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