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The Psychology behind The “Yes” Method

Many years ago, a psychologist found-out that if you get a person to say yes 7 or 8 times you are most likely going to get another yes answer on the next question related to the same topic. Why does that happen?

People have 2 minds the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. Our conscious mind is not that great when making decisions and our unconscious mind can quickly make complicated decisions.

The conscious mind is able to process around 5 to 9 decisions at a time and anything more will lead the person to be confused ultimately triggering a “No” response.

When developing questions that get a “Yes” response think of 5 reasons why someone would buy your product.

The best example to prove you this method works, and will always work is this:

Back in the days before everyone had a smartphone and desktop computer, the majority of the public would obtain information or do research out of an Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia’s consisted of a set of 10 to 22 books.

Depending on what year and edition.

Encyclopedia Britannica was the most prestigious companies that made encyclopedias.

They took a lot of pride in their product.

They hired a group of behavioral psychologist to create a sales presentation.

They also hired and trained a sales team who believed in the product’s virtues and valued its attributes, so there was never anything insincere about the sales pitch.

Sales representatives believed they were helping the customer by selling the best available product in its class, even if families that purchased the books ended up rarely if ever, consulting them.

The presentation consisted of 42 questions the resulted in a “yes” from starting out when you knock on the door and your first question is “Do you live here”. If they said ‘No” then there was no point in continuing the presentation. If the homeowner said “Yes” then the sales rep continued the presentation ask the these “Yes Questions” until the last question which was confirming the purchase and writing a check.

This contributed to Encyclopedia Britannica having one of the most aggressive and successful sales teams in the world.

So it got me thinking and after a conference call with Rob & Guy, it clicked!

We asked ourselves: 'Why not find a method that AUTOMATES the process of getting people to say 'YES' before they even see the offers we want them to buy'...

So we made a little test funnel sort of speak... to test our theory...

And we were right on the button!


It was just INCREDIBLE!

There I was on my mobile phone just watching sales come in every time I put the software to action!

And since then I see HUGE results and I don't have to sell my soul to make bogus product reviews to make money online...

The feeling you get when you wake up in the morning with big payments like that is indescribable until you live it yourself!

And you're about to put your hands on the same method and software we're using to make $47/Month recurring and $97, $497, $,2500+ per day...

Hey This Is Michel Sirois, Rob Reece & Guy Potok…

 Michel Sirois  Rob Reece  Guy Potok

I Remember...

When I first started online marketing, I would always be wary about 3 things:

  1. How will I get leads?
  2. Will people buy the offers?
  3. Will I cover my traffic costs?

Needless to tell you that those concerns are pretty normal for anyone...

We made sales, but not as many as we wanted...

...And at one point, we realized that our tuffest challenge was to 'TIE-DOWN' our customers to take that final step to buy... and say 'YES' to whatever we are selling, right?

But once we figured that part out, things changed...

Tying-Down Your Customer To Say “Yes” - It's Easier Than You Might Think...

The 'YES' method in sales is sometimes called the 'Ascending Close' and this is a sales technique when you get your customer to say yes multiple times in any type of sales presentation (Online and/or offline).

It is said that the more times you get your customer to say “Yes” the more likely they will say “Yes” when you ask for the close.

This technique also includes tie-down questions which will help you close more sales once you master this technique.

But just like any beginner, we get that you don't know all the 'nooks and crannies'... and this is why 'Power Lead Optimizer' will be so beneficial to you, because it will help you AUTOMATE the 'YES' process, before your audience even sees the offer you want to promote to them.

It's pretty slick!

And by using the 'YES' method, these days Rob, Guy and I are good enough to bring in a constant 3+ figures per day, EACH by doing copy/paste work. How is this possible?

Because Of 1 Simple Method
And 1 'Copy/Paste' Software

A Pre-Selling Software & Training To Be Exact...

This Unseen System Is COMPLETELY Different From Anything You've Ever Seen... Until Now!

  • This fresh method brings YOU big paydays
  • 100% is click/copy/paste
  • The results are FAST - MOST beginners started making money THE SAME DAY
  • We even show you how to get 100% FREE traffic
  • Scaling-up To LIFE-CHANGING profits is super easy as you can see by now - you can rinse & repeat ON DEMAND

And Sit Tight, This Money-Maker Has 
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It Makes Inter-Active Lead Capturing Pages That Convert Cold Leads Into Red Hot Buyers

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  • NO MORE setting alarms to go to a job that offers you no security, that you really hate and that puts money in someone else's pocket
  • NO MORE missing out on quality time with friends, family and all of life's special moments
  • INSTEAD, you get a reliable 5 figures per month income stream that is FULLY scalable

Everything You Need For CONSTANT Profits
And STEADY Passive Income So You Can
Live The Internet Life You Want


Power Lead Optimizer is a 100% never seen money-making system and it makes you RELIABLE PASSIVE INCOME in just a few minutes per day, by getting people in a 'YES' mood, before presenting them your offers. You won't need any experience at all, tech skills or even a traffic budget because you can also get FREE TRAFFIC by using our training as soon as you get inside.

Inside You Get...

  • You get over-the-shoulder training to monetize just like we do
  • You get our software that closes sales for you, WITHOUT having to make pre-sell pages, video reviews, websites or anything you are used to see
  • You get UNLIMITED support via our Facebook group
  • You get EVERYTHING you need to get started, make money and make it a full time income stream

What Real Power Lead Optimizer
Users Are Saying

Power Lead Optimizer is a very powerful tool to use in your marketing. Many people find it extremely difficult to convert traffic into sales but Power Lead Optimizer software and training is going to solve this problem for you. Definitely worth picking up.

Aidan Corkery
Aidan Corkery

Michel, Rob and Guy really put out something great here. I never thought it is so easy to make people say YES like this. This is a really 'newbie friendly' method to make some easy cash online. I am definitely using this for my business on a regular basis and loving it.

Bauke Vreeswijk
Bauke Vreeswijk

I must say Power Lead Optimizer gave me an aha moment when i watch the first video in the training. There is power in the word “YES”. The training is on point and easy to follow along with. I will use this technique when I promote my webinars because it puts the audience in a better frame of mind! I really took to heart some of the pointers in this training and it will help me to grow my online business onwards!

Jim Saari
Jim Saari

This is a great piece of software and training. I know I will be adding this into my business to make more mid to High Ticket sales. Michel and his team have done something great here and I know you will like it.

Spencer Broom
Spencer Broom

You Are Just 3 Quick Steps Away From Generating Lifetime Passive Income



  • NO MORE STRUGGLES With Lead Generating
  • NO MORE STRUGGLES With Creating Content
  • NO MORE STRUGGLES By Generating Passive Income

Here Is Your 2-In-1 Game Changer

Let's Break-Down What You Get Today...

Power Lead Optimizer


  • EVERYTHING you need to start your business is included
  • Scale your income by grabbing this complete fresh method and passive income system
  • Completely beginner friendly - no special skills or experience required

Power Lead Optimizer


  • The only tool you need to use to get people to say 'YES' before they even know what you are about to sell them - It's that effective and we prove it in our training
  • Developed SPECIFICALLY to PROFIT from the internet - we use it every day to convert cold leads into RED-HOT REPETITIVE BUYERS
  • Nothing to learn, just fill-in the blanks
  • This software is a major game-changer. It will pre-sell leads without having to do any product reviews, Fan Pages or videos... These things are time consuming and we get it. We made sure you don't have to go through that un-necessary pain

Power Lead Optimizer

The Step-By-Step Training

  • You get everything you need to know to make recurring commissions and get high ticket sales online, EFFORTLESSLY, by copy/pasting 100%
  • In just a few minutes per day
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly

Power Lead Optimizer

Seed Planting Optimizer Case Study

  • In this special presentation Rob will be showing you EXACTLY how he makes money with this software
  • You will also be able to copy 'TO THE T' Rob's page for BEST RESULTS
  • This case study will go IN DETAIL, over the promotion he did on 'Fast Cash Five', As Shown Below
  • It only took 5 minutes to set-up and profit

See Proof Of Rob's Profits Here...

Power Lead Optimizer

Profit Crusher Case Study

  • In this special presentation Guy will be showing 2 different case studies, based on his results, from 2 seperate promotions.
  • You will also be able to copy 'TO THE T' Guy's page for BEST RESULTS
  • He will be going in detail on how he made $2,016.24 in 2 days by using this method and software

See Proof Of Guy's Profits Here...

Power Lead Optimizer

High Ticket Auto-Closer Case Study

  • In this special presentation Michel will be showing you EXACTLY how he pre-closes HIGH TICKETS for himself and his students
  • You will also be able to copy 'TO THE T' Michel's page for BEST RESULTS
  • I will be going in detail on how I signed-up a client to buy a 'Done For You' consulting website by using this very system. We will reveal who this client is once you are in the training

See Proof Here...

Then He Bought The High Ticket I Was Selling...

When you will get in the training, we will reveal who this client is and how I was able to convince him that his best choice was to be in our inner-circle...

Easy Passive Profits

Fresh Offer Finder

  • How To Find Offers That Convert
  • Where Rob And I Find Our Promotional Offers
  • How To Never Run-Out Of 'Done For You' E-Mail Swipes To Promote Your Offers

Easy Passive Profits

Copy/Paste E-Mailer

  • How To Do E-Mail Marketing By Copy/Paste
  • No tech skills or experience required
  • 100% Newbie Friendly

See Proof Here It Works...

I will be revealing how I get these high conversions when I email my list and how you can do it too!

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Power Lead Optimizer is a proven solution for anyone to get passive income, get leads that buy, while building passive income streams and getting high ticket sales on the side.

There's a LOT of value here...  We first thought of charging $997 for the whole package.

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We want to help as many people as possible, regardless of financial situation … so ...

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Free Traffic Method #1

Fast results are important to have a reliable source of FREE traffic and this is what this bonus is about.

  • No tech skills
  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • 100% click/copy/paste

VALUE: $97


Free Traffic Method #2

Through this priceless bonus, you will find a simple HACK that gets you even more free traffic. You will not want to miss-out on this bonus!

VALUE: $97


Support FB Group & Live Assistance

Unlike most groups out-there, a support group like ours always helps marketers thrive faster because everyone has questions and need answers to progress fast and get results.

You can ask any question and you will get an expert answer, while building long-term partnerships with other entrepreneurs just like you.

VALUE: $297

Power Lead Optimizer just flat-out works - you've seen the proof above and you can realize by now that you can get extremely good results.

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Warning! The Price On Power Lead Optimizer Is Going UP EVERY SALE Until We Reach $17...

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  • Power Lead Optimizer Step-By-Step Video Training - Total Real-World Value = $397
  • Power Lead Optimizer Automated Software - Total Real-World Value = $797
  • Power Lead Optimizer - Seed Planting Case Study & Sales Results - Total Real-World Value = $197
  • Power Lead Optimizer - Profit Crusher & Sales Results - Total Real-World Value = $197
  • Power Lead Optimizer - High Ticket Case Study & Sales Results - Total Real-World Value = $197
  • Bonus #1 - Total Real-World Value = $97
  • Bonus #2 - Total Real-World Value = $197
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Warning! The Price On Power Lead Optimizer Is Going UP EVERY SALE Until We Reach $17...

Lock-In Your Power Lead Optimizer Discount Now & SAVE BIG!

I have to admit that this training is a game-changer. Getting people to say YES is so important, especially if you are trying to get high ticket sales. I really like this approach because it makes perfect sense to get people to say YES before presenting them with offers, products or services.

Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick

Power lead Optimizer is a great tool for online marketing. Nowadays Due to heavy competition it is extremely difficult to convert the lead into sales. But Power Lead Optimizer software and training helped me to solve the sales conversion problem, It works well in converting the cold traffic into sales. I am using this software to sell high ticket via google Adwords too. It’s worth picking up Power Lead Optimizer. Michel, Rob & Guy came up with great system. It will be very useful for the newbie. It’s an friendly method to generate easy cash. I am starting to use it on Adwords To pileup good cash.

Prasanth Pacha
Prasanth Pacha

I have been a partner and friend of Michel, Rob and Guy for a few years now and these guys have teamed-up together to offer a really good training and software. You can see that they have experience and they know what they are talking about. In the training, they show you everything from their W+ accounts and how they make money by using the YES method. A really good training and software guys.

Matija Balantic
Matija Balantic

After going through the training and using the software I realized that I was missing that 1 thing to increase my sales and that is: Tying-down my audience by getting them to be in a 'YES' mood. Since I learned how to get people to say YES before even seeing my offer, I see changes in my business. You should try it, you'll love it.

Andy Kho
Andy Kho

You've Been Wanting Results? This Is It!




 Michel Sirois  Rob Reece  Guy Potok

Thanks for checking out this page.

We wish you the same success our students are having by using our system.

Rob, Guy & I have worked extremely hard to get the training and software done for you and our efforts were totally worth it! You've seen the results already.

We would definitely be REALLY HAPPY to help you surpass your expectations with Power Lead Optimizer.

P.S. But you need to ACT NOW or the bonuses will disappear!

Select Your Preferred Choice Below!



Warning! The Price On Power Lead Optimizer Is Going UP EVERY SALE Until We Reach $17...

Lock-In Your Power Lead Optimizer Discount Now & SAVE BIG!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Power Lead Optimizer?

Power Lead Optimizer is a brand-new money-making method and software that allows us to make $100+ per day online, by using the 'YES' method. It comes with a complete step-by-step training and priceless bonuses that will allow you to generate FREE traffic that BUYS!

  • What’s included with Power Lead Optimizer?
  • The COMPLETE over the shoulder video series which outlines the entire money-making method
  • The software
  • PLUS the bonuses (when you act now) which include the Support FB group and the free traffic methods
  • Everything you need to get from where you are to a job-crushing income
  • Is the Power Lead Optimizer money-making system really 100% newbie-friendly?

Absolutely. If you can open a web page and browse the internet, you will understand this system.

No coding, no design or advanced skills needed - It's copy/paste.

  • Will This Software Work On My Device?

For sure. We made sure our software works everywhere. We provide you all you need to pull profits from leads that buy on the daily!

  • What About Traffic?

Well one thing is for sure: You won't need to BUY ads at all for this to make you money. The beauty of this method is that: For once, the BUYERS COME TO YOU!

  • How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Results will vary based on effort - For some it's instant, for others it's never. It depends if you go through the training and do it.

  • How Do I Get Access Power Lead Optimizer?

Easy, click the button below and  you get INSTANT access right away!



Warning! The Price On Power Lead Optimizer Is Going UP EVERY SALE Until We Reach $17...

Lock-In Your Power Lead Optimizer Discount Now & SAVE BIG!

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